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Welcome to, where we specialise in providing the best value bus hire for unforgettable brewery tours in Sydney. Dive into the local craft beer scene with comfort and ease as our buses take you through renowned breweries from the bustling Inner West to the scenic Northern Beaches. Perfect for any group size, our service ensures a smooth ride to your beer tasting adventures, whether you’re planning a casual outing with friends or a larger celebratory event like a bucks party.

Expect an array of exceptional local brews as you explore iconic spots such as Young Henrys, Batch Brewery, and Grifter Brewing Co. Our flexible service allows you to craft your own itinerary, ensuring you have the freedom to visit your preferred breweries and indulge in the brewing process at your own pace.

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Unmatched Value and Service

Choose for your Sydney brewery tour and experience exceptional value and service. Our competitively priced bus charter options ensure that you can enjoy Sydney’s vibrant craft beer scene without breaking the bank. With us, you receive not just transportation but a commitment to quality service, ensuring your brewery visits are seamless and stress-free.

Experience and Reliability

At, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and reliability in arranging transport for brewery tours across Sydney. With years of operation and a deep understanding of the best local spots, we are well-equipped to handle any event, from casual beer tastings to large-scale corporate outings or bucks parties. Our fleet is maintained to the highest standards, and our professional drivers ensure safe, punctual, and smooth transportation for every tour.

Local Knowledge and Personalised Service

Our local expertise sets us apart at We not only know the best breweries, wineries, and distilleries in Sydney but also help you customise your visit to suit your specific tastes and interests. From planning the ideal route to suggesting the best local eats to complement your beer tasting, our team offers personalised advice and recommendations to make your tour truly unique.

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Exploring Sydney's Craft Beer Scene: A Guide to Brewery Tours

We provide you with the perfect way to explore the city’s renowned breweries, urban wineries, and charming distilleries. Each stop is an opportunity to go behind the scenes, engage with passionate brewmasters, and learn directly about the brewing process while enjoying the rich flavours of local craft beers.

With our buses, you can comfortably visit celebrated breweries like Batch Brewing Co. and discover hidden gems such as Grifter Brewing Co. We make it easy for you and your group to navigate the bustling scenes of Sydney’s craft beer hubs, offering insights and recommendations that enhance your tour experience.

Choose for your next Sydney brewery tour and enjoy the convenience of personalised, knowledgeable service that adds value to your craft beer adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or new to the brewing world, our charter service ensures that you have a memorable and enriching experience discovering the best that Sydney has to offer in craft beer.

Customise Your Brewery Tour Experience with Bus Charter

At, we believe that the best brewery tours are the ones you can tailor to your own tastes and preferences. Unlike fixed, guided tours, our charter service offers you the flexibility to design your own brewery adventure in Sydney.

Start your day at a location of your choice, perhaps the iconic Keg & Brew Hotel, and conclude your adventure at any hotspot like the Royal Albert Hotel in Surry Hills, or anywhere else that catches your interest. Our personalised service includes coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs at times that suit you, allowing you and your group to enjoy each destination without worrying about the logistics.

Let us handle the details so you can immerse yourself in the enjoyment of discovering Sydney’s best craft beers and local breweries. Your adventure, your rules—explore Sydney’s brewery scene your way.

Savour the Flavours: Beer Tasting Sessions Explained

Of course, no brewery tour would be complete without a beer tasting session. There are plenty of beer tasting opportunities, allowing you to sample the brews during the tour. A well-rounded tasting tour will introduce you to the full spectrum of beers – from hoppy ales and cleansing lagers to rich malty brews, including good craft beer. At each stop, you’ll have the chance to savour different flavours, learning about the unique characteristics of each beer and the intricate brewing processes behind them.

Beyond the Brew: Unique Activities on Sydney Brewery Tours

Want to spice up your beer tasting adventure? Consider adding axe throwing, go-karting, or even a spirit tasting session to your itinerary. These activities are perfect for groups looking for a fun and varied day out.

Our service helps you seamlessly integrate these unique experiences into your brewery tour, ensuring you enjoy not only a range of exceptional craft beers but also the thrill of new and engaging activities. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or a spirits aficionado, is here to make your tour diverse and delightful, taking you beyond the brew to explore all that Sydney’s vibrant craft scene has to offer.

The Best Sydney Brewery Tour Routes

We offer the most competitive charter rates for exploring Sydney’s renowned brewery routes. Whether you’re venturing through the Craft Beer Capital in the Inner West or exploring the vibrant ‘Brewvale’ area on the Northern Beaches, our service ensures you experience the best of Sydney’s brewery scene affordably and comfortably.

We recommend starting your journey with the Inner West Ale Trail, where you can visit up to 12 independent craft breweries, each offering a unique insight into the brewing process and an array of distinct beer styles. For a diverse experience, consider the Northern Beaches Brewery & Distillery Tour, which not only covers a variety of beer styles but also includes stops at local distilleries for spirit tastings.

Inner West Icons: From Batch Brewing to Young Henrys

When it comes to diving into the heart of Australia’s Craft Beer Capital, Sydney’s Inner West is unmatched when it comes to the best beer tasting areas. You can effortlessly navigate the famous Inner West Ale Trail, featuring 12 independent craft breweries, each bursting with its own unique flavours and atmospheres. Our charter services provide convenient and affordable transport, making it easy for you and your group to experience the best brews the area has to offer.

Each brewery in the Inner West has its own distinct character. Here are some examples:

  • Sauce Brewing Co, located in Marrickville, offers a wide variety of beers from hoppy to sour in their own beer garden.
  • Stockade Brew Co is known for its barrel-aged beers and hosts a tasting room that offers experimental brews and beer cocktails.
  • Wayward Brewing Company in Camperdown has a unique beer hall adorned with vintage furniture and offers exotic beer creations.

But the list goes on. One Drop Brewing Co, Akasha Brewing Company, and The Grifter Brewing Co also contribute to the Inner West’s reputation for blending traditional brewing with modern innovation. Each of these breweries offer a unique tasting experience, making the Inner West a must-visit destination for any craft beer enthusiast.

Northern Beaches Discovery: Coastal Brews and Views

Experience the unique blend of scenic beauty and exceptional craft beer along Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Travel between high-rated breweries, each set against the stunning backdrop of coastal views, making for a picturesque and palate-pleasing adventure.

Begin your journey with a visit to 4 Pines Brewing Company, where you can enjoy their famous handcrafted beers in a vibrant atmosphere with ocean views. Next, explore Modus Operandi Brewing, known for using fresh, local ingredients in their bold and flavourful brews. Don’t miss Nomad Brewing Co, which offers a range of beers influenced by global flavours, perfect for those looking to try something different.

As you hop from one brewery to the next, take in the panoramic views and the relaxed vibe of the Northern Beaches. Each location not only serves up unique craft beers but also provides a perfect setting to unwind and savour the moment.

Planning Your Sydney Beer Tour: What You Need to Know

We offer flexible charter services tailored to accommodate any group size, ensuring you get the most out of your craft beer adventure without the hassle of organising transport. Our service allows you to design your itinerary. Whether you’re planning a casual outing or an extensive day-long exploration, is here to make your brewery tour a smooth, enjoyable, and memorable one.

Whether you’re organising a corporate day out, a bucks party, a birthday celebration, or any other event. Our team is experienced in arranging tours for groups of any size, offering personalised experiences that can range from simple day trips to more elaborate overnight stays. For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, we also provide private bus tours with premium vehicles that ensure comfort and style.

Contact our team at today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you plan an unforgettable event tailored just for you.

Bucks Party Brewery Tours: Raise a Glass with Your Best Mates

If you’re planning a bucks party in Sydney, a brewery tour with offers an exceptional and memorable experience tailored to the celebrant’s preferences. Dive into the world of craft beer with a day filled with brewery visits, hands-on beer making sessions, and unique tasting experiences—all arranged to provide VIP treatment for your group.

Our charter service will guide you through Sydney’s renowned Inner West breweries, where you can arrange for interactive beer brewing workshops, and even include special activities like BBQ cooking classes to complement the beer tasting adventure.

While we ensure your day is packed with fun and exploration, please note that consumption of alcohol on our buses is not permitted. This policy helps us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all passengers as we transport you comfortably between venues. You and your mates will have plenty to enjoy at each brewery stop, where you can indulge in beer tastings and more.

Corporate Events with a Twist: Brewing Up Team Spirit

Transform your next corporate event with a tailored brewery tour, perfect for team-building and company outings. We cater specifically to corporate groups, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Our larger coaches, accommodating up to 57 seats, provide ample space for your entire team, making transportation to and from Sydney’s top craft breweries comfortable and convenient.

Choose for your corporate brewery tour and mix business with pleasure as you brew up some team spirit in a unique and memorable way.

Sydney's Brewery Tour Accommodations: Where to Stay

Planning your Sydney brewery tour is even more convenient when you know where to stay. With many brewery tours starting and ending at popular pubs or hotels, choosing the right accommodation can enhance your experience. can assist in coordinating transport to and from various accommodations, ensuring you have a smooth transition from your hotel to the breweries and back.

Consider staying in Surry Hills, where options like Rydges Sydney Central and Rydges World Square offer comfort and easy access to Sydney’s bustling brewery scene. Whether you prefer boutique hotels or budget-friendly hostels, we can help guide you to the best choices that align with your tour itinerary and budget.

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