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When it comes to school bus hire Melbourne, we prioritise safety, punctuality, and comfort for all your school transport needs. Our fleet of clean coaches, designed for comort and safety, are perfectly suited for school excursions, camps, and daily transportation. With professional drivers who are experienced in handling difficult road conditions and hold all necessary accreditation, we offer the best value in school bus hire. Our service ensures that students, teachers, and parents can enjoy a stress-free travel experience tailored to the educational and extracurricular demands of schools.

Choosing means opting for a service where excellence and value meet. Our dedicated team is committed to providing flexible transportation solutions that suit your specific requirements. From school camps to whole school educational tours, our vehicles are designed to offer maximum safety and comfort. bus awaiting pick up at vineyard for sightseeing tour

Why Choose Bus Charter?

Superior Value and Exceptional Service

We offer the best value for school bus hire in Melbourne, ensuring you receive excellent service at competitive prices. Our team is committed to making your experience smooth and hassle-free, supporting you from the initial booking to the completion of your trip.

Tailored Experience and Personalisation brings years of experience in delivering specialised transport solutions for schools throughout Melbourne. Our services are designed to be highly customisable to meet the diverse needs of educational outings, from small group activities to extensive school excursions. Leveraging advanced booking technology and a versatile fleet, we ensure our transport services are a smooth and enjoyable process.

Safe and Reliable School Bus Hire in Melbourne with Bus Charter

At, we recognise that the safety and punctuality of our students are paramount. Operating throughout Melbourne, we are committed to ensuring a safe and timely journey for all school-related transportation needs. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles can include seat-belts and air conditioning, ready to deliver not just a ride, but a reliable service tailored to the specific needs of schools. To ensure we meet your additional requirements please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or call the office.

We cater to educational groups of all sizes and ages, from prep to university students, offering a range of vehicles with various seating capacities. At, we're proud to offer a comprehensive fleet to meet a variety of school transportation needs:

11 Seat Passenger Mini Bus: Excellent for field trips and small educational outings.
13 Seat Passenger Mini Bus: Provides a cosy setting for class trips and group learning experiences.
20 Seat Passenger Mini Bus: Ideally suited for school events and educational tours.
21 Seat Passenger Mini Bus: A flexible choice for school workshops and extracurricular activities.
24 Seat Passenger Mini Bus: Ample space for comfortable school transportation.
33 Seat Passenger Coach: Perfect for transporting medium-sized student groups with comfort and safety in mind.
48 Seat Passenger Coach: Roomy and ideal for extended school trips and larger class excursions.
57 Seat Passenger Coach: The top choice for maximum student capacity, ensuring a comfortable journey even on longer trips.
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles: Ensuring inclusivity for all students with additional mobility requirements.

For bespoke arrangements and to discuss the perfect vehicle for your needs, please get in touch with our team. We’re ready to assist with specialised transport solutions.

Experienced Drivers Committed to Safety

At, our professional drivers are at the core of our reliable school transport service. Each driver is not only skilled in road navigation but also trained to manage various driving conditions, ensuring safety across all trips. To gain driver accreditation, all drivers need to pass vigorous checks alongside thorough background and safety screenings, which supersede the standard 'working with children' checks.

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Customised School Camps and Excursions

At, we understand that school camps and excursions are unique. That’s why we offer customised transport solutions that cater to various group sizes and specific educational objectives. Our tailored approach not only supports the learning outcomes of each trip but also simplifies logistics, allowing students to focus fully on the educational content of their journey.

Sports Events and Team Transfers

Our charter is an ideal solution for transporting school sports teams, providing not only efficient travel but also ample storage for all necessary sports equipment. Our smaller coaches are also available with a trailer for extra luggage space if required. With the support of our experienced transport coordinators, we ensure that the logistics of even the most complex, multi-movement operations are handled smoothly. If this is something you do require.

Choosing our buses over individual car travel is not only more cost-effective but also enhances team bonding and ensures punctuality, both critical for the success of any sporting event.

School Camp Transportation

Embarking on school camps is an exciting adventure, and at, we ensure that your transportation needs are met with the utmost care and planning. Some of our vehicles are specially equipped with large luggage storage options to comfortably accommodate all the students' belongings

Daily School Transport Solutions

We understand the critical importance of daily school transport in the lives of students, demanding nothing less than absolute reliability and safety. We can customise a dedicated school bus service to suit your needs, ensuring timely and safe transportation for students every day.

Accessibility and Special Needs

At, we are committed to providing inclusive transportation solutions that cater to all students, including those with special needs. Our drivers are specifically trained to accommodate a broad spectrum of passenger requirements, ensuring everyone can travel comfortably and safely.

If you have specific requirements or need tailored transportation solutions, please reach out to our team at We are here to assist and ensure that all students can participate fully in their educational journeys.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

At, we believe in the dignity of every journey. Our fleet includes wheelchair-accessible vehicles, ensuring that all students, regardless of mobility challenges, can travel comfortably and with ease. For those requiring special arrangements or wanting to learn more about our accessible transport options, please contact our team. We are committed to ensuring that every student can fully participate in their educational experiences with us.

Fleet Size and Vehicle Suitability

At, we understand that flexibility and suitability are key to providing outstanding transportation services. Our diverse fleet is thoughtfully assembled to cater to every requirement:

  • Compact and Agile Mini Buses: Perfect for navigating tighter routes and smaller groups, ensuring personalised attention.
  • Full-Size Charter Buses: Equipped for larger groups and long-distance travels, designed for comfort and convenience.

Choosing the right vehicle with not only guarantees the comfort of your group but also contributes to cost-efficiency. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or specific transportation needs – our team is here to assist in selecting the ideal vehicle from our fleet for your journey.

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