Ultimate Beer Tour Perth Guide: Sip Your Way Through Top Breweries

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Experience the booming Perth craft beer scene without breaking the bank. At BusCharter.com.au, we offer the best value for brewery tours, where you tailor your own journey. Choose your own group size and preferences, whether it's a public, private, or evening tour to explore the most iconic breweries and beer tastings Perth has to offer. Our flexible scheduling allows you to create the perfect outing, whether it's a fun night out with friends or a comprehensive daytime exploration of local brews.

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Dive deep into the heart of Perth’s beer culture with the guidance of our experienced team. From the thriving breweries of Swan Valley to lesser-known gems, discover facts and stories about the brewing process and the history behind each location.

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Discover Perth's Craft Beer Scene

At BusCharter.com.au, we invite you to immerse yourself in Perth’s vibrant craft beer scene, a treasure trove for enthusiasts and novices alike. We can navigate through an eclectic mix of boutique breweries and specialised bars, where you can savour the hoppy delights of Feral Brewing Co, the bold flavours of Pirate Life, and the innovative brews of Little Creatures. These brands have burgeoned from humble beginnings into celebrated staples across Australia, offering an inspiring tale of passion and innovation in every sip.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or newly curious about the craft beer world, our tours promise a memorable experience. Delight in the diversity of flavours, learn about the art of brewing, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded beer lovers, all while riding in comfort and style with BusCharter.com.au.

The Rise of Craft Beer in Perth

Perth’s craft beer industry is flourishing, showcasing a stunning 200% increase in production and sales within the last seven years. A Journey with us to iconic establishments like Nowhereman Brewing in West Leederville and Indian Ocean Brewing Co along the picturesque Sunset Coast. Each brewery we visit adds its own signature to the craft, producing a diverse array of beers that epitomise the spirit and creativity of Perth’s craft beer community.

Hop on board with BusCharter.com.au to explore these unique breweries, where every tour is not just a ride, but a pathway to discovering the rich tapestry of flavours that Perth’s craft beer industry has to offer.

Iconic Breweries to Visit

Perth’s craft beer landscape is rich and inviting, renowned for their exceptional craft beer tastings. Among the must-visit locations are Heroes and Villains, where the story behind each brew adds to the taste; Blasta Brewing Co, known for their explosive flavours; and Otherside Brewing Co, which crafts beers that truly push the boundaries.

Extend your beer exploration to other standout breweries like Impi Brewing, where traditional techniques meet modern innovation, or Phat Brew Club, where community and high-quality brews come together. Bright Tank Brewing Co. is another highlight, offering meticulously crafted beers in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Each stop on your tour offers a unique slice of Perth’s beer culture, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer a bold IPA or a crisp lager, these breweries showcase the best of local brewing. Let BusCharter.com.au guide you through these outstanding beer experiences, ensuring comfort, style, and the best local insights.

Tips for Planning Your Perth Beer Tour

Organising a successful Perth beer tour requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. For those looking to discover the best of Perth’s craft beer scene with ease, BusCharter.com.au is your trusted partner in arranging the most affordable and convenient transport.

What to Bring

Packing appropriately is vital for a comfortable and enjoyable tour experience. Comfortable clothing is recommended, and remember to bring:

  • Water to stay hydrated throughout the tour
  • A camera to capture the memorable moments from your awesome day experience
  • An ID, especially if you appear under 25
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