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Welcome to, where your journey into the heart of the Gold Coast’s wine country begins with unmatched value and exceptional service. We specialise in crafting personalised wine tours that highlight the best the Gold Coast hinterland has to offer. From the hidden gems of family-owned boutique wineries to the celebrated rows of lush vines, our private tours are designed to provide an intimate, enriching experience without the burden of excessive costs.

Whether you’re exploring Mount Tamborine, indulging in guided tastings at the Tamborine Mountain Distillery, or simply enjoying the serene views, personalise your tour to ensure you have a memorable, hassle-free day.

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At, we pride ourselves on offering competitively priced tours without compromising on quality. Experience the luxury of the Gold Coast wine regions with the best value possible.

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Our commitment to personal service sets us apart. Our knowledgeable team ensures every aspect of your tour is seamless, from the initial booking to the final drop-off. We cater to your preferences and allow you to personalise your itinerary to include the wineries you're most interested in, ensuring that your day is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

Flexible Touring Options

Understanding that every group has different needs, we offer the flexibility to adjust your itinerary. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want a leisurely day out with friends, tailor tours to fit your schedule, interests, and group size. While we handle the transporation we are not reliable for communicating specific venue trading days and hours.

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Discovering the Very Best Wine Tours on the Gold Coast

At, we are delighted to introduce you to the enchanting wine regions nestled within the stunning Gold Coast hinterland. Stretching from the picturesque heights of Mount Tamborine down to the serene border areas near New South Wales, and spreading from Coolangatta to Tweed Heads, this boutique wine area is a haven for wine enthusiasts and lovers of scenic beauty alike.

The region is revered not just for its wines but also for the unique stories of the winemakers themselves, enhancing your wine tourism experience with every visit.

The climate around Mount Tamborine is particularly favourable, fostering the growth of a variety of grape types that include:


These grapes thrive in the region’s fertile soil and are nurtured by the ideal elevation, producing wines that are as rich and diverse as the landscape itself. With every tour and every sip, you’ll taste the distinct flavours that make the wines of this region a testament to the beauty and bounty of the land.


The Ultimate Gold Coast Winery Tour Itinerary

Explore the best of the Gold Coast’s wineries with a day tour from We’ve streamlined our booking process to make planning your tour as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Flexible Itineraries: Customise your tour stops to include your favourite wineries.

Easy Booking: Get a free online quote, call our office, or chat with us live for assistance.

Personalised service: Enjoy the warm hospitality of family-run wineries throughout your journey.

Convenience: We handle all the details, including pickup and drop-off arrangements, to ensure a smooth experience.

Exclusive Private Tours

For those seeking a personalised wine experience, opting for an exclusive private tour is the ideal choice. Our private tours offer numerous benefits, including the luxury of not having to accommodate the schedules or preferences of other groups.

Whether you’re marking special occasions such as engagements and anniversaries or simply yearning for a private wine journey, these tours can accommodate various group sizes, from intimate couples to larger celebrations which can include multiple vehicles. With the freedom to create your own itinerary, a private tour enhances your wine trail with a personal touch that makes the experience uniquely yours.

Celebrate with Wine: Events and Weddings at Gold Coast Wineries

Gold Coast wineries offer the perfect setting for more than just wine tastings—they are also idyllic venues for special events and weddings. Transport your guests to picturesque locations like Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard & Winery. Known for its stunning sandstone chapel, a serene lake with a ceremonial arbour, and a tranquil ambiance, it provides a magical backdrop for your special day.

The scenic drive, lined with majestic trees and charming estate grounds, adds an extra layer of beauty to your event, making those memorable moments even more enchanting. Choose for seamless travel to your perfect wedding venue on the Gold Coast.

Tantalising Tastings: Explore the Diversity of Gold Coast Wines

Explore the diverse and distinctive wines of the Gold Coast hinterland with a private charter from Each winery in the region, from the Sarabah Estate Vineyard with its acclaimed Granite Belt range to Mount Nathan Winery’s specialised offerings, promises a unique wine tasting experience tailored to every palate.

Enhance your wine journey with seasonal events and tastings at locales like Jester Hill Winery and Balancing Rock Wines, offering dynamic and ever-changing experiences. Whether you’re a lover of robust reds, enjoy the crispness of whites, or are curious about unique blends, our charter service provides the perfect gateway to discovering the best that Gold Coast wineries have to offer, all in comfort and style.

Planning Your Visit: Booking, Pickup, and Drop-off Details

We offer a highly personalised service where you can book instantly online, receive a free quote, or simply call our friendly team to arrange your trip. Unlike standard tours, we provide the flexibility to pick you up and drop you off at your chosen locations, whether it’s your home or holiday accommodation.

Here’s how we make your wine journey smooth and tailored to your needs:

  • Personalised Pickup and Drop-off: We adapt to your preferences, ensuring transportation is convenient and tailored to your itinerary.
  • Customisable Experience: Our service caters specifically to your group’s needs, allowing you to enjoy the wine regions without the constraints of standard tour routes.
  • Easy Booking and Communication: You can book your trip through our website for a seamless planning experience. Prior to your journey, our team remains in constant contact to ensure all details are confirmed, making your trip as smooth as possible.

Choose for a wine tour that suits your schedule, your tastes, and your style, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the Gold Coast’s wine country.

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