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At we pride ourselves on offering the best value in bus hire for your Margaret River wine tour. Whether you're interested in a full day of winery exploration or a shorter half-day tour, personalise your itinerary to best suit your schedule and preferences.

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Exploring Margaret River Wine Tours

Margaret River is a paradise for wine enthusiasts, offering a spectrum of tour options from relaxing half-day excursions to in-depth full-day explorations. Whether you’re drawn to the soulful artistry of boutique winemakers or the renowned elegance of prestigious vineyards, your tour will provide a gateway to the best vinicultural experiences in the region.

Half Day Wine Tours

Create a half-day wine tour for a perfect introduction to Margaret River’s diverse winery landscape, offering a curated selection of wine tastings that highlight the unique character of each location. For those seeking a deeper connection, plan a full-day tour to delve into the region’s wine heritage, exploring the storied estates and luxurious local cuisine that make Margaret River a must-visit destination for wine lovers worldwide.

Custom-design your tour to cater for groups of any size and preference, providing a bespoke experience whether you’re drawn to the intimate charm of boutique wineries or the distinguished offerings of well-known vineyards.

Full Day Wine Tours

Design your perfect day, wandering through lush landscapes, pausing at cellar door experiences that not only offer wine but also share stories of the land and its caretakers. Focus on wine appreciation with tastings at renowned establishments like Xanadu and Voyager Estate. Top off your day with a visit to the artisan chocolatier Temper Temper, where the art of chocolate-making adds a sweet note to your tour, echoing the delights of the renowned Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

Customising Your Wine Tour Experience

Bus Charter transporting guests through countryside

Imagine crafting a wine tour that’s perfectly tailored to your tastes and interests, where every stop on the Margaret River wine trail is chosen by you. With the help of our team, you can handpick venues and activities to design a personalised itinerary that mirrors your unique preferences in wine, local breweries, distilleries, and the natural splendours of the region.

Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers are well-versed in the area, ensuring smooth and enjoyable travel. Start with a free online quote from Contact our team today via phone or live chat to discuss your perfect Margaret River itinerary. We’re here to make your bespoke wine tour unforgettable.

Winery Selections

When planning your custom wine tour in the Margaret River region, choose from an array of local wineries. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Cape Mentelle: Perfect for romantic or family outings, this winery is renowned for its commitment to heritage and sustainability.
  • Passel Estate: Ideal for those seeking a blend of culinary excellence and serene natural settings.
  • Bettenay Wines: Offers a distinctive experience with wine tastings complemented by gourmet nougat and wine-infused ice cream.
  • Vasse Felix: A must-visit for art and culture lovers, featuring a rich history and captivating wines.

For an added touch of elegance, consider Voyager Estate and Xanadu Wines, known for their luxurious ambience and culinary offerings, making them perfect for those who savour finer details. Glenarty Road is great for families and food enthusiasts, celebrating local produce in a welcoming environment. If you’re interested in an intimate look at winemaking, some wineries offer exclusive experiences like barrel tastings and visits to underground cellars.

Our experienced drivers and top-notch charter service provide smooth and enjoyable travel throughout your adventure. Choose your favourites and let us handle the rest!

Brewery and Distillery Visits

Introducing you to a world of artisanal spirits and craft beers that showcase the area’s diverse beverage craftsmanship. Our charters make it easy to weave these experiences into your itinerary, fill your day with behind-the-scenes tours and pairing sessions that offer a unique perspective compared to traditional wine tastings.

To ensure an enjoyable day, we help you plan your tour with optimal timing and logistical details. You can savour the full spectrum of Margaret River’s beverages in comfort and style, creating a memorable journey through the region’s rich tapestry of flavours. Let us handle the transportation while you indulge in the diverse offerings of local wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

Local Attractions

Explore the Farmers Market to sample and purchase fresh local produce, or delight in the exquisite cheeses at the Margaret River Dairy Company. For a unique twist, learn about silk production at the Margaret River Silk Road, where you can also purchase silk products.

Beyond these treats, your tour can guide you through a variety of local attractions that showcase the region’s craftsmanship and produce. Enjoy the vibrant culture of Margaret River by visiting local craft markets, art galleries, cheese factories, olive oil farms, and lavender farms. Each stop is an opportunity to delve deeper into the local community and experience the rich narrative of the area.

Group and Private Wine Tours

At, we understand the allure of a personalised wine experience in the stunning Margaret River region. That’s why we offer private wine tours that cater exclusively to your preferences and desires, allowing you to explore the wineries of your choice at your own pace, without the constraints of a predefined group itinerary.

Private tours with provide not just privacy but a level of customisation that enhances your connection to Margaret River’s renowned winemaking culture. You get to choose the wineries you visit, the food you indulge in, and even the pace at which you travel. This exclusivity means no waiting for others, no compromising on your preferences, and no distractions from your enjoyment of the wine and the scenery.

You’re free to delve deeper into your wine passions, whether that involves lengthy discussions with vintners, exploring rare vintages, or simply enjoying the serene environment with close friends or family.

Wine Tour Transportation and Logistics - Pickup and Drop-off Locations

Choosing the right transportation with is essential for a seamless and enjoyable experience. We offer a wide range of vehicles from minibuses for smaller groups to spacious coaches that can accommodate up to 57 passengers, ensuring comfort for any group size. If your travelling with a group beyond this size, we provide multi vehicle transporation to ensure everyone can enjoy the day.

You have the flexibility of being picked up and dropped off at locations of your choice, allowing you to design a tour that perfectly suits your itinerary and preferences. Our experienced drivers are well-acquainted with the Margaret River region, ensuring that you navigate the lush landscapes efficiently and comfortably.

We cater to all occasions, whether it’s a corporate event, a family reunion, or a special celebration like a wedding. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free, comfortable journey for everyone involved, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the exquisite wineries and the beauty of Margaret River.

Essential Tips for a Memorable Margaret River Wine Tour with

To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, consider these tips: pace your drinking, hydrate between tastings, and engage respectfully with the winery environments.

Maximising Your Time

When planning your visit to Margaret River with us, consider the seasonal nuances of the region to enhance your tour experience. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Harvest season: For those who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and wish to see the winemaking process firsthand, plan your visit during the harvest season, typically from February to April.
  • Quieter times: If a more relaxed and intimate experience appeals to you, consider visiting during the off-peak seasons, usually from May to September.
  • Events and festivals: Be sure to check the calendar for any wine-related events or festivals during your stay. These events can add an exciting dimension to your wine tour.

Considering these seasonal aspects, you can ensure that your journey through the Margaret River wine region is as enriching and enjoyable as the exquisite wines you’ll discover.

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