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At, we specialise in Minibus Hire, Group Transport, and Coach Hire, providing the perfect introduction to sightseeing and exploration across Australia’s top destinations. We are your premier choice for city tours, offering unmatched value, an extensive range of vehicles, and top-notch service from our experienced and friendly team. No matter the state or city, we provide the most affordable and efficient coach and bus hire solutions.

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Exceptional Value and Service

Experience the best in affordability and customer care with Our commitment to offering the cheapest prices and top-notch service makes us the ideal choice for your city tour bus needs.

Reliability and Safety

At, safety and dependability are at the heart of what we do. Regular vehicle inspections and professional drivers guarantee a secure and uninterrupted bus tour experience. With our reliable services, you can relax knowing that every detail of your trip is managed with the utmost care.

Diverse Range of Vehicles

Tailor your exploration of cities with our extensive fleet, ranging from minibuses to full-size coaches. Whatever your group's size or specific needs, we have the perfect bus to make your tour comfortable and personalised.

Ideal for Group Travel: Multiple Vehicle Hire

For larger groups, simplifies travel with the option to hire multiple vehicles. Whether it’s compact minibuses or full-size coaches, we accommodate any group size, ensuring comfort and convenience for all.

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Selecting the Right Vehicle for Your City Tour

Ensuring your group’s comfort and satisfaction during a city tour is paramount, and offers a variety of vehicle options, from cosy minibuses to spacious coaches. Each vehicle in our fleet is chosen to provide an ideal match for your group’s size and travel needs, ensuring an enjoyable and economical journey.

For small group excursions through the city’s bustling streets, consider our minibuses. They’re perfect for navigating urban environments and provide ample room for passengers. With sizes ranging from a 7-seat people mover to an 11-seat minibus, and up to the 24-seat option, you’ll find the right vehicle for intimate city explorations at excellent hire rates. Please note that all buses come with the services of a driver, and we do not offer any self-drive hires. If you have any further questions such as extra luggage requirements, please reach out to our team.

Larger groups embarking on extensive city tours will appreciate our coach charters. With the capacity to comfortably transport larger groups, such as the 33-seat passenger coach, the 48-seat option, and the 57-seat coach, our larger vehicles are designed for ease of travel with ample storage for all your luggage needs. Our coaches ensure that everyone travels together in comfort, making the most of your city tour experience.

If you have any further questions regarding our fleet, please reach out. Our team will be more than happy to assist and help find the right vehicle option for you at the right price.

The Ultimate City Tour Experience with

Experience the ease, comfort, and flexibility of for your next urban adventure. Our friendly and experienced team is dedicated to assisting you in designing the perfect trip, meticulously tailored to fit your preferences and schedule. Whether you’re planning a day trip, a culinary tour of the city’s best eateries, a scenic drive through historic neighbourhoods, or a wine tour, ensures the most affordable and enjoyable experience.

Take advantage of our flexible itineraries that allow you to discover each city at your own pace, without the limitations of a traditional guided tour. In today’s connected world, you can explore the site of Australia in the comfort of well mainted vehicles.

Book with today and embark on a journey that highlights the best of Australian city tours. Let us handle the driving while you enjoy the sites you visit in Australia’s beautiful cities.

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Your Guide to the City's Most Popular Travel Routes and Destinations

At, your city tour can include visits to over 150 of our most famous attractions. We offer charter services across Australia, including major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and more. For additional information or if you have specific inquiries, please contact our team.

Planning Your Perfect City Tour

Crafting the ultimate city tour across Australia’s vibrant urban landscapes is made effortless with When you’re ready to secure a bus for your adventure, the process is simple and user-friendly. Opt for the ease of our online quote request form or the personal touch of a phone conversation to obtain all the necessary information for your city tour logistics.

Online Quote Request Form

Begin by detailing your itinerary on our online form. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Specify your desired city tour destinations across Australia.
  • Inform us of your group size and travel dates.
  • Include any special requirements or preferences you might have.

Our system is designed for efficiency, ensuring you receive a prompt, tailored quote that offers the best value for your city tour needs.

Phone Call Enquiries

If you prefer direct communication, our expert team is on standby. Give us a call, and we’ll:

  • Walk you through the various bus hire options.
  • Help you choose the ideal vehicle from our diverse fleet for your city tour.

Our friendly representatives pride themselves on delivering exceptional service, ensuring that every aspect of your trip is planned to perfection.

Seamless Booking for Your Next Event

With, booking your journey is hassle-free, and our amiable team is always ready to assist. They’re not just about finding you a bus; they’re about paving the way for an unforgettable trip, ensuring transportation is a smooth, delightful part of your event’s success.

The Drivers Behind the Wheel

Enhance Your Tour: Additional Coach Hire Services and Features

At, our commitment to safety is unwavering, as we understand it’s the foundation of trust for our passengers. This covers vehicle control, adherence to road laws, understanding environmental and safety regulations, managing potential hazards, and executing emergency protocols.

We maintain our fleet to the highest standards, with regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure every vehicle is in top condition for your journey. In addition, some of our buses include features to enhance accessibility, such as wheelchair access.

For those with specific requirements, such as additional safety features or particular travel needs, we encourage you to reach out to our accommodating team. They are prepared to answer any queries and to detail the extensive safety measures we have in place.

Tailored Transport for Business and Group Events

Unlike public transport, our buses offer a private, customisable travel experience. You can plan your route and schedule stops, providing flexibility that public transport cannot match. This personalised approach ensures that your team or clients enjoy a memorable journey, fostering team cohesion and showcasing your hospitality.

Choose for your next corporate event and experience the difference that professional, dedicated bus charter services can make. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also provide a standout experience that reflects well on your company and caters to all your transport needs.

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